Just Messing Around!!

Art Journaling Doodle Dream Board

Good Afternoon blog friends.  Just as my title says, I’m just messing around.  I recently took a Doodle Art class on one of the .ning sites that I am involved in. I’m a member of so many that it has slipped my mind which one.  If anyone is interested in this relaxing play, please notify me and I will look it up.  Above is my layout of the class.  I actually did it sitting in my recliner. So how cool is that?  But really, I have to get serious with my art so I can get better.

I’m also taking a free class where I doodle and color on a index card every day for the summer.  It’s designed to get you in the habit of doing some type of art daily. I’ll share some of what I’ve done later.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Warm Hugs,                                                                                                                             Sharon (aka) Cherry Pie

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