Happy Birthday to Me

Hello Wonderful Readers,                                                                                                                 Last weekend I celebrated my birthday and my anniversary. I received so many birthday wishes from my online friends, and my BFF home town friend LisaLisa. Thank you so much. Today I’d like to share with one of my presents. My lovely daughter ordered my present from one of my favorite Mixed Media Artists, Kelly Rae Roberts. I was so happy when my hubby bought in the package which contained a beautiful journal and a coffee mug.  My daughter really know what I love. I love journaling and a good cup of coffee. So this present was right on time.  Thank you so much Z. If you are interested in purchasing some of the beautiful items Kelly Rae has in her shop, please check out her website: www.kellyraeroberts.com. Remember I said that Kelly Rae was ONE of my favorite artists. There are many of you out there and I thank you for all the inspiration I receive. Until next time (warm hugs),                                                                                                         Sharon

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