Thank God for “You Tube”!!

I know you can find out how to do almost anything on You Yube. But I was not thinking about You Tube when I was trying to use Martha Stewart’s ‘Circle Edge Punch’. This punch cut doilies from 6 inches to 12 inches. In Mixed Media projects we use a lot of doilies. So with a 50% coupon in hand, I went to Michaels and bought one. I didn’t try it out as first, but when I did decide to try it, I could not get it to work right and my doilies came out all wrong. I decided to take it back for a refund. I then told myself that I would check You Tube for directions (I didn’t understand the printed directions that came with the punch). I found a tutorial and found out what I did wrong and just like that I was able to make a perfect doilie. I look forward to using it in a number of my projects.



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