Welcome to My Artful Journey

Name plaque done on canvas.

It has taken me forever to get this new blog up and running. I would like to thank my lovely daughter for helping me with this endeavor. You see from my title that this is my journey seeking peace, love and creativity. I have made a 180-degreeturn around in my art journey.

My old blog over on BlogSpot was started when I was a Stampin Up Demonstrator years ago. It is filled with cards and other projects I made at the time. After I left SU, I dabbled a little into Mixed Media and fell in love.

Presently, I’m into Art Journaling. Prior to Art Journaling or as some say Visual Journaling, I constantly worried about what people would think about my work and whether theywould like it or not. Now, my journaling is what I like. I journal about what I feel, what I see and what I want in life. ¬†Sometimes I share my work and sometimes it is only for me.

My mantra from one of my instructors is “No Fear”. ¬†As you see some of my recent work, you might not like it, might not understand it or may wonder how I would come up with something like this. Well it relaxes me and helps me to get out my feelings at the time be it good or bad.

I am trying to strive for more creativity and to learn as much as I can from my community of new friends. Please find below some of my recent pages. I hope to post to this blog more often as I did my old one (although the posts won’t be this long). Feel free to subscribe and leave comments. I reallyappreciate it.

Warm Hugs,
Sharon (aka) Cherry47

Mixed media postcard

Newspaper Cartoon Collage made by my 4 yr. old grand daughter.

African Inspired collage made with Napkins

Zen Page in my Art Journal ready for my Journaling.

Travel Inspired Collage

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